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About You

I had another dream of you. I think they are coming to some sort of resolve. I hope that means they will end because they just make me miss you and hurt me even more when I dream with you there. I dreamt we were laying by each other talking and you told me you were going back soon. I asked if you were coming back and would you see me anytime in the near future. You said "Probably not" (sounds like you...)Not even if you came back, that this was probably it. We sat up facing each other and with tears in my eyes I said "I really wish you could know me and be here when I finally reach the direction I'm heading. It will be so wonderful" I started crying and you just looked at me real calm and hugged knew it would be wonderful, and you were happy for me...but it didn't change that you would never see it or be around to experience it. In my dream we fell asleep laying next to each other, and when I woke up you had already left. When I woke up in real life I felt just as sad as I did in my dream...because it is true, and it is a shame...but that's how things are now. Life really can be sad at times.
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